From the article ( it says that, ‘Repetition,’ ‘reward’ and ‘visualization’ are tried and true strategies for working with the brain.   What is needed is ‘what to do’ and ‘when’ and ‘where’ to do ‘it.’  When done effectively, EMDR processing is the tool that is needed.  It is ‘what’ to do, and it lets the brain take you to ‘when’ and ‘where to do it.’

 Down in the article, it says, “The research has shown how learning leads to functional and structural changes in the cellular networks including the chemical communication points or synapses between neurons at a variety of sites throughout the central nervous system. 

The functional changes in the effectiveness of communication between individual neurons and within networks of neurons are accompanied by substantial changes in the structural circuitry of the brain, once thought to be hard-wired in adults.”

EMDR activates these ‘individual’ neurons and  ‘networks neurons’ and then stimulates the circuitry of the brain to start re-wiring itself.  

In EMDR we do ‘repetition’ and ‘visualization,’ as an integral part of the processing.

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