Conscious Eating

The missing factor in all weight loss programs is addressing the effectively emotional component.  After all, if losing weight or even gaining weight was just a matter of more exercise and eating the right amounts for the right foods then every program out there would work!  But they don’t, overeating is huge problem in the world, and espeically the United States.

One of the big difficulties in working with people to lose weight is that there are so many variables.  There are eating choices, times to eat, places to eat and amounts to eat.  There is also the time factor, in that, it takes time to lose weight.  Add to that, you can blow a diet in just one binge eating episode.

The emotional part of eating, while complex, can be addressed with EMDR processing.  That is because we can use EMDR to the way the emotional memory is stored in the limbic brain.  That is what gets triggered when you just have to eat.

There can be several emotionally triggered factors to include childhood abuse, sexual, physical or otherwise that need to be addressed.  Early experiences of being teased or bullied by others, can result in overeating.  Any eating that was done as a child that was used to help ease anger, anxiety and tension can be addressed with EMDR.

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