Anger Management & Resolution


Finally, get a handle on your anger!

Rage, anger, “losing it” are all symptoms of the ‘past living in the present’ – emotional memories that haven’t been resolved and integrated.  The original emotions were stored in the ‘limbic’ brain and they become frozen and self-reinforcing.  Because of this, they get triggered easily and often for no apparent reason.

While it is important to understand the dynamics of getting angry, the missing piece to all anger management programs is that they do not deal with the the way memories are stored in the limbic brain.  It is obvious to anyone (except maybe to the therapists teaching them) that just talking about anger, or learning how calm ones’ self down in difficult situations is not enough.  Knowing the right things to say or changing the way you think about situations might sound good in the office but when you get back into life situations you revert back to old habits and behaviors.

With the CompassionWorks approach, we’ll find and target the touchstone situations in which the emotionally volitile memories were first laid down.  We then use EMDR processing to desensitive them so they don’t keep getting trigger.  Once you’ve done that, then you’re able to get some new ideas about your emotionally volatile behavior and lack of emotional maturity.

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