EMDR (Eye-Movement, Desensitization and Reprocessing) is used to help resolve and integrate stress and anxiety resulting from traumas – seemingly insignificant to paramount – experienced as an adult or child.


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The Complete EMDR Therapist Training for Mental Health Professionals – Dallas and Houston

EMDR Mindfulness Retreat –  Integrating Mindfulness Strategies with EMDR

  • Presenter:  Jose Carbajal
  • Location:  Lakeview Camp and Retreat Center
  • Dates:  Nov 9, 10 & 11, 2018
  • EMDR Therapists from EMDRIA Approved Programs Only


EMDR Therapy and Distance Counseling

Jordan Shafer, MS, LPC, Licensed Professional Counselor, EMDR TherapistJordan Shafer, MS, LPC, EMDR Therapist, Distance Therapy

Using EMDR to help people develop a sense of secure attachment to self and others...

With EMDR, we can end symptoms of PTSD, such as a nervous stomach, nightmares, negative self-talk, and recurring self-defeating patterns of behavior that result in conflicts.  In addition, you can get relief from unconscious patterns of desire, such as over-eating and the other process addictions, as well as relief from attachment to substances, including drugs and alcohol.

“The nice thing about EMDR is that sometimes it’s really powerful and you get a lot out of it, and sometimes it’s pretty quiet and you still get a lot out of it.” ~ a client

CompassionWorks resolves and integrates the traumas, childhood and otherwise, that interfere with living in the moment.

“Rather than understanding that our history as a human race is profoundly traumatic, we choose to believe that we have survived and adapted.  We apply the same lack of vision to our children, believing that come what may, they are resilient.” ~ Uri Bergman

“What’s required is given.”  ~ Michael Brown

“Life is designed to raise questions.”  ~ Ramesam

The EMDR Container Exercise

Stress Factors

There are studies that say that the number one risk factor for premature death from cardiovascular disease is hostility and resentment and what is called cynical mistrust.”  ~  Deepak Chopra

CompassionWorks is focused on providing you with the ability to lower your stress, anxiety and depression, which can result in the ability to make better decisions and an increased capacity for compassion and trust.

We believe in using proven innovations, being creative and in getting great results.

Our therapy includes using the Western disciplines of EMDR Counseling and cognitive-behavioral therapy, two of the most scientifically studied and verified counseling technologies available, combined with teachings from nondual wisdom.

CompassionWorks has developed a counseling method that helps get the freedom and power that comes from living in the present moment.

Some ways to get started right now are:

  • Mindfulness – Shift your attention of your ongoing experience to being in the present moment and become ‘The Watcher’ of your thoughts and feelings.
  • Focusing – Tune into the feelings in your body without trying to push them away.  Allow them to appear as they are, and if they are uncomfortable, allow that.
  • Read “The Power of Now” and read and start doing “The Presence Process“.  This will help you become actively involved in creating a better life for yourself and those around you.
  • Read What is EMDR Counseling? or watch How EMDR Counseling Works because EMDR is a proven technology that really works to relieve depression, anxiety and stress.   In addition, it helps to know how EMDR Counseling works.   
  • Start seeing anything that happens in your life that seems negative as a ‘messenger’ that is bringing you an opportunity to grow, especially as you learn to ‘feel’ it.  That doesn’t mean you won’t feel uncomfortable – learning to feel good is learning to feel everything.
  • Take the next step…

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