• Amanda Martin, PhD, LMFT-S, LPC and LCCA

    Amanda Martin is the Associate Executive Director of Krause Children’s Center and has a private practice. She is a frequent presenter on topics of best practices for youth in residential treatment, adolescent suicide prevention and ethics. She has a PhD in Family Therapy and has the following licenses: Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Supervisor, Licensed Professional Counselor and Licensed Child Care Administrator. She is a Consultant in Training with EMDRIA and a Certified EMDR Therapist. Dr. Martin has spent the last 12 years helping youth and families that have experienced trauma in residential and outpatient settings. She has an unending passion to help people that have experienced traumatic events. She values humor, servant leadership and ongoing professional growth.

    Amanda can be reached via:

    email: Amanda.martin@upbring.org

    phone:  281-919-3788

  • Tricia Gagnon, Ed.D, LPC-S and RYT

    Tricia Gagnon MS. Ed.S, LPC-S is licensed in counseling and intern supervision and is a Consultant in Training with EMDRIA and a Certified EMDR Therapist with twenty years experience in residential and outpatient settings. Tricia teaches clients how to benefit from mindfulness & yoga in order to expand their window of tolerance for EMDR processing. She also teaches clinicians how to expand their own window of tolerance so they can continue to do the trauma work they love, without compassion fatigue. She follows the latest research in neuroscience that finds yoga & mindfulness to be highly beneficial in the treatment of trauma recovery. Tricia is a 200 RYT Yoga teacher trained in trauma informed yoga and meditation. She is also versed in working with HSP’s, (Highly Sensitive Persons), and utilizes EMDR, Internal Family Systems, HeartMath, mindfulness groups & equine therapy in her private practice in Grapevine for adults in recovery from trauma, PTSD, anxiety & codependency.

    Tricia can be reached via:

    email: tricia.gagnon@gmail.com

    phone: 469-464-9967

  • Vanessa Vaughter, LCSW

    Vanessa is a certified EMDR therapist and Consultant and Trainer in Training. She has a passion for EMDR because of the healing and empowerment it offers clients to see they can move through what has happened to them and create a healthy relationship with themselves and those around them.  As a former corporate trainer, Vanessa has a unique capacity to create a safe space for therapists as they become proficient in the practice of EMDR with their clients, offering suggestions and support while maintaining the integrity of the EMDR and AIP model. In private practice, Vanessa has experience in working with survivors of childhood abuse, intimate partner and family violence, sexual violence, depression and anxiety. Her skills as a clinician enable her to guide other therapists as they assist clients in healing and growth.

    Vanessa can be reached via:

    email: vanessa.vaughterlcsw@gmail.com

    phone: 972-299-8593

  • Heather Dunn, LPC-S and LMFT-S

    Heather graduated from the University of Colorado in Denver with a Masters of Arts in Couples and Family Therapy in 2005.  Shortly after graduation she moved to Houston and began her career as the Counseling Director with The Bridge Over Troubled Waters, a non-profit whose mission is to offer support, provide safety and prevent domestic and sexual violence. Heather is a supervisor for both LPC’s and LMFT’s and enjoys working with those that have experienced complex trauma related to interpersonal violence.

    Heather is now a Consultant in Training, and currently offer group and individual consultation online at flexible times.

    Heather can be reached via:

    email: heatherRdunn@gmail.com

    phone: 720-934-2078

    website: www.tbotw.org

  • Vicki Simmons, LCSW

    Vicki is a licensed Clinical Social Worker, in private practice for 30 years, who trained in EMDR, with Francine Shapiro, in 1996. She is a Certified EMDR Consultant and offers individual and group consultation both online and face to face.

    Vicki can be reached via:

    email:  vicki@vickisimmons.com

    phone: 281-494-8701

  • Robert Peacock, LCSW-S

    Robert is a Humanistic therapist and EMDR Consultant in Training with three years of experience practicing EMDR in private practice.  His specialties are complex trauma and dissociation.  Additionally, Robert has worked with clients who have struggled with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and Grief/Bereavement. He enjoys helping consultee’s gain a deeper understanding of the EMDR practice particularly the importance of target sequencing, cognitive interweaves, and how best to implement EMDR into your theoretical framework.

    Robert can be reached via:

    email: rpeacock@lahuecounseling.com

    phone: 682-472-7771

    website: https://lahuecounseling.com

  • Sharon Walker, LCSW

    Sharon L. Walker, LCSW is in private practice in Arlington, TX and has been in the field of social work for nearly 40 years. Since 2003, Sharon has worked to specialize her practice to treating complex trauma. She is a certified and an Approved Consultant in EMDR therapy. She is trained in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and utilizes mindfulness and body work in her practice. She is also trained in Thought Field Therapy, Play Therapy and in Clinical Hypnosis. In the past 10 years, Sharon has worked extensively with dissociation and DID including those with ritual abuse. She also works with survivors of suicide loss and facilitates Survivors of Suicide (SOS), a support group in Fort Worth. Sharon is a member of the Suicide Awareness Coalition in Tarrant County. She is also a member of EMDRIA, NASW, and the International Society on the Study of Trauma and Dissociation (ISSTD).

    Sharon can be reached via:

    email: slwalkerlcsw@sbcglobal.net

    phone: 817-277-0660

  • Carolyn Burleson, LPC, LCDC and MAC

    Carolyn’s EMDR specialties are complex trauma, chronic mental illness, dissociation, addiction, EMDR with couples, LGBTQ+, and EMDR for sexual issues/sexual abuse. She is currently pursuing her PhD and is expected to complete in mid-2020. Carolyn offers topic-based group consultation as well as general consultation groups and is also available to offer individual consultation for certification for advancing skills. Her private practice is in Frisco, TX, however, most of her consultations are via video (Zoom).

    Carolyn can be reached via:

    email: burlesoncounselor@gmail.com

    phone: 830-357-8933

    website: www.rewriteyourstorycounseling.com