Teachers of Nondual Wisdom

The following teachers are featured in The Daily Now, which is our free daily newsletter.  Some people read just one of the teachers and others read all of the teachers’ quotes daily.  These are not one-line quotes but excerpts from their books and workshops that they are kind enough to share with us.  These teachers offer a perspective of non-dual awarenss that is very helpful for functioning at the highest level in the rush and anxiety of everyday modern life.  This is not a religion or a philosophy, instead, these teachings enhance and fortify the underpinnings of all belief systems while challenging you to live in the integrity of your ‘natural self.’

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michaelbrown20 Michael Brown TPP-cover
kipmazuy2 Kip Mazuy EOE

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj was named Maruti and was born in March 1897. He met his Guru Sri Siddharameshwar at the age of 34, and amazingly, 3 years later
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