The Benefits of EMDR Coaching

Emdr Coaching teaches how to weigh out and make important decisions using the best information available.

We offer a point of view that is different from a

  • Team coach – who wants to win at any cost
  • Parent – Who has a personal investment of ‘Self’ at stake;
  • Friends – Who give advice with no basis of experience.

Here they can sort out feelings, thoughts, ideas and opinions of others to come up with their own best decision based on the information that is availalbe. 

Top performers learn to be flexible and willing to make adjustments when parameters change.

We help you define those aspects that allow to live up to your potential in business, on the field and in the classroom.

EMDR Coaches work with the top performers to help them determine the parameters of their activies to identify the components that make up successful performance in whatever they do. 

We help top performers, business, student or sports:

  • Elicit and define and refine goals
    • Goals that are reasonable yet a stretch
    • Short term goals
    • Intermediate and long term goals.
  • Determine what behaviors are notsupportive of their goals such as:
    • Off the field:
      • Unproductive use of time
      • Poor eating habits
      • People who detract or inhibit
      • Coachs and paretns who are
        • Demanding
        • Punitive
        • Demoralizing
    • On the field
      • Anger and frustration during a game
      • Negative self-talk
      • Lack of concentration
      • Running out of energy
  • Determine what behaviors are supportive of their goals:
    • Off the field
      • Using time productively – no wasted moments
      • Learning to monitor eating
      • Tuning into the best intentions of those around you
      • Attracting people who are
        • Supportive
        • Encouraging
        • Reasonable
    • On the field
      • Keeping focused during the game or performance
      • Identifying ‘turning points’ at the earliest possible moment
      • Knowing how to manage emotions
      • Keeping positive self-talk
      • Regulating energetic charge to fit the situation
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