EMDR Therapy: Ethical Considerations – $129

A 3-hour EMDRIA approved course in ethics designed by Dr. Jose Carbajal featuring Jordan Shafer, MS., LPC that explains ethical standards for the EMDR therapeutic approach.

Credits: 3 hours
EMDRIA Credits: 3 hours

This ethics webinar is designed for mental health practitioners at all levels of experience and practice settings. Potential ethical issues that might arise in each EMDR therapy phase will be identified. Professional and legal implications will be addressed for practicing EMDR therapy.

EMDR Therapy: Ethical Considerations is broken into 6 asynchronous video parts, followed by short quizzes.

  1. Ethical Framework
  2. Professional and Ethical Responsibility
  3. History and Preparation phases
  4. Assessment Phase
  5. Three-Pronged Protocol and Eight Phases of EMDR Therapy
  6. Court Cases and Ethics


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