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Just wanted to send a quick note and say thank you for offering this training online! Although I was apprehensive at first, I believe the online format was extremely effective – maybe even more so than in person as it afforded the opportunity to feel safe to share with our co-therapists! I have learned so much and seen it work first hand more than once. I can’t wait to continue to get more attuned with my clients to offer them a truly helpful form of therapy and a great experience. I will definitely be recommending this training to my colleagues!

―Meredith M.


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EMDR stands for “Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing” and is a way to re-work the way stuck memories are stored by the brain.

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“Jordan, today’s class felt like the hours passed so quickly and seamlessly. I did not feel fatigued and felt like you guys set up things really really well. I was hesitant about sitting in front of a lesson all day, but with the breaks given and all the break out groups it was awesome. Honestly, it was less stressful than having a full day of clients back to back.

You guys are doing a great job. Kudos to you, Sharon, Jose, Ariel, Robert, and Heather.”


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