Answers to Questions About Addiction Treatment


What if I already have a therapist for my addictions?

That’s great!   We can work collaboratively with you and your therapist to do EMDR processing on the places where you’re stuck and not getting resolution.  Because you already have a therapist, we can usually get started with the EMDR processing after just a few session and stay focused on the trauma resolution or arousal desensitization, as you continue with in your initial treatment provider.

What types of addictions does EMDR work for?

     While different addictions have certain aspects to them that make them unique, the EMDR focus on trauma, trigger desensitization and ‘state’ change is basically the same in the treatment of all addictions.

Can we do EMDR using video conferencing?

Yes, in most cases.

Am I an addict?

There is no one thing that makes a person an ‘addict’ or not.  In fact, the label is not as important as effectively addressing the behavior.

Questions around addiction you may asked yourself are:

  • “Is my behavior compulsive?”  That is are you doing the same self-destructive types of behavior over-and-over, even though you’ve told yourself many times that you would stop.
  • “Is my behavior hurting others emotionally or would it hurt others if they found out about it?:
  • “Am I missing work because of my behavior?”
  • “Are others telling me I have a problem even though I don’t see it or believe them?”

With regards to a possible sexual addiction, it is helpful to take the Sexual Addiction Screening Test (SAST) to find out how your behavior compares to others with or without sex addiction.  We will go over the results with you as part of your treatment.  – See more at:

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