Welcome to Spring II Online EMDR Therapist Training


Weekend 1: March 19, 20, 21, 2021

Weekend 2: May 14, 15, 16, 2021


The Fridays and Saturdays are 8:30 am to 5 pm.

The Sundays are 8:30 to 3 pm (with a working lunch).

Welcome to your CompassionWorks EMDR Therapist Training. We have provided in your course different modules to complete to help guide you through the training. Some steps are required by EMDRIA and other steps are optional tools to help both you and us.

The Pretest is required by EMDRIA and should be completed before the training. The Pretest can take up to an hour to complete. There is no required score to pass. It is designed to gauge your introductory knowledge of EMDR and later will be compared to the Posttest.

The Zoom link module is where you will enter into the Zoom meeting room for the entire 6 days of the training. You will be required to register each day with your name and email address for attendance purposes. Do not share a computer or log in with coworkers or friends you may have signed up with for the training. Each individual must be logged on their own computer to receive credit for the day.

The Training Manual section will provide you with all the slides, handouts, consultation call documents, supporting documents, and Spanish language documents. We suggest you download slides and handouts to follow along during the lecture. Some handouts are indicated as highly recommended to print and it will be useful to have hard copies of these documents on hand.

The Networking List is a place for you to leave your contact information to stay in touch with those from the training. It is also, a great place to find partners to practice EMDR with and to talk about in the consultation calls.

The Consultation Call module is set up as a quiz and will give you available options for call days and times. If none of the days or times work for you, don’t worry! We will figure it out. Once the calls are sorted out on Day 3 of the training another document will be posted that will list your chosen times.

The Training Evaluations are where you can rate us and give us your feedback. We use the feedback to improve the training for future attendees.

The Posttest is required by EMDRIA for the online trainings. At this time there is no pass/fail. It is a tool to gauge what you have learned. It is required to be taken to receive your Certificate of Completion.

The Resources module provides you with links and places to visit to learn more about topics we have discussed throughout the training.

To be prepared for the practicum, we have prepared a special presentation by Jordan and Jose discussing how to set up for bilateral stimulation online.

Keep in mind there is a 12 month limit to complete the training starting from the first day of Weekend 1. That means Weekend 2, Consultation Calls, and the Posttest must be finished in 9 months to receive your certificate and be officially EMDR Trained. This is the standard set by EMDRIA.

Remember we are here to help. Feel free to contact Jordan or Ariel with any questions or concerns you are having at any time during the training.

We look forward to meeting you on Zoom!

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