The Joy of the Ice Cream

It’s Sunday afternoon and I just had a bowl of Tillamook, Vanilla Bean.  To do so, I had to ask myself the following questions:

  1.  Is this something I really want?
  2. If I eat it now am I going to enjoy it?
  3. If I choose to eat it how am I going to feel afterwards?

Item 1. was yes – that’s easy.  Item 2, sure.  Item 3, well, I skipped that one.

So, how do I feel now?  Sweet taste in mouth.  It went quickly.  It was a small bowl but, still, gone in a flash.  I feel fatter, to be honest.  I’m telling myself, “I really didn’t need it.” – Aw, the food police appear.  Am I satisfied from it?  Not really.

There may be a little feeling of minor satisfaction.  One thing:  The urge to eat it is gone.

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