at Ghost Ranch in New Mexico

June 4-9, 2023
Abiquiu, New Mexico


The CompassionWorks Mindfulness Retreat is for licensed mental health professionals on using mindfulness in their clinical practice. While this retreat is open to all therapists, we will be using and teaching techniques from Eye-movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) to help enhance the process. Non-EMDR-trained therapists won’t be learning how to use eye movements but will be taught ancillary techniques to use with others and on themselves.

"From Mindfulness to Oneness"

This retreat is for all Mental Health Professionals (EMDR-trained and non-EMDR trained) who want to learn about Mindfulness, EMDR, and Body Awareness and use it with their clients in their clinical practice.

You do not need to be trained in EMDR to attend this workshop but you will come away from it knowing more about it – when to refer clients, how to use it in your own experience, or possibly deciding to become an EMDR-trained therapist, yourself.


About the Program

  • Morning discussions & workshops
  • Daily yoga practice - with mindfulness & meditation
  • Ranch activities- horseback riding, hiking, swimming, etc
  • Optional silent hike & yoga meditation
  • Group activities
  • Open mic & talent show 
  • Gong sound bath meditation

Meet Your Presenters

Our presenters are comprised of both licensed clinicians and certified yoga instructors. They are here to guide you in your training. Through them, you will learn mindfulness, meditation, EMDR strategies, and integrate techniques when working with your clients.

Jose Carbajal, Ph.D.

Jose is a licensed clinical social worker and an EMDR Trainer and Consultant. He served in the U.S. Army; after his military service, Jose attended Baylor University, where he received his bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in social work, and a master’s degree in theological studies. He completed his Ph.D. in Social Work at the University of Texas at Arlington.

Jose has several publications, and he has conducted many professional presentations and workshops. Jose’s research focus is on the interventions clinicians use to treat trauma, neuroscience, social work practice, faith, trauma, and social disparity. He has over 10 years of clinical experience; his clinical specialties are trauma, sexual abuse recovery, domestic violence, substance abuse, and interpersonal relationship issues. 

Jordan Shafer, MS, LPC

Jordan is an EMDR Therapist, Trainer, and Consultant. Jordan has a deep interest in non-duality, as based in Advaita Vedanta – an ancient wisdom philosophy.

During the retreat, this philosophy is incorporated and will introduce looking at experiences from a very different, "non-dualistic" perspective. Jordan incorporates a non-dual inquiry as it "frees us from seeing our current experiences in the same old way and allows us to be more open, accepting, and gentle with ourselves and others."

Lady Smiling. Yoga Instructor. Therapist smiling, Therapist Retreat.

Tricia Gagnon, LPC-S

Tricia is an EMDR Consultant and 200 RYT Yoga & Meditation Teacher. Tricia is a psychotherapist at private practice, with over 20 years of experience in trauma, anxiety, and codependency recovery.

She applies mindfulness & yoga with clients for resource development, and to expand their window of tolerance with EMDR. Tricia also enjoys teaching clinicians how to be mindfully attuned so they can do the trauma work they love, without compassion fatigue. In workshops and retreats, Tricia incorporates the latest research regarding the effectiveness of yoga & mindfulness for recovery and healing.

Mark LoPalo, RYT

Mark is a 200hr RYT Yoga & Meditation teacher. Using yoga to relax the body and tame the mind, Mark helps clients in classes, workshops, and retreats to reach deeper states of mindful awareness.

Mark works with private and corporate clients in equine-assisted coaching and is also certified in NLP, Hypnosis & Reiki. All these different modalities allow Mark to guide people to find their own rhythm and to experience their lives without limitations.

Past Attendees

“I LOVED the yoga, both of your presentations verbal & physical. LOVED the gong baths-so amazing at sunset.”

“By the end, it was clear that Jordan’s presentation transformed the experience and the group itself. The retreat experience was beautiful and deeply needed by me. It offered professional learnings in balance with experiential learnings to deepen our wisdom as healers. Beautiful week!”

“I got so much out of this retreat. I learned a lot and had so much fun. I felt that I can use mindfulness in my practice at a much deeper level than previously.”

“Jordan, Jose, Tricia & Mark, thank you for inviting us to share in the experience of community. Non-judgmental joining in being. I think often we do not take the time to be present with ourselves. Loving kindness, vulnerability, and presence grow in this silent space. Being present with ourselves and like-minded seekers allows joy. Namaste.” 

"Helpful material to use personally and with clients, gentle compassionate energy with the therapist’s vantage point.”

"It was an overall spectacular retreat. I was immersed in every part and the beautiful grounds and landscape helped me settle into mindfulness, or as I’ve learned “mindlessness. Thank you!!!”

“Both Tricia & Mark provided a safe and calm place to practice, and yoga poses that were not too difficult, but very physically and mentally therapeutic. They presented in easy to understand “techniques” 

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June 4-9, 2023
Ghost Ranch
Abiquiu, New Mexico