How to change the unconscious decision the body made to be fat?

This is a good question.

If the body has decided to store fat, then it will store fat.  The body decides.  You end up getting the body size and shape that  the ‘body’ wants, not what ‘you’ want.  Unless, by coincidence the body size and shape are what is wanted, then that’s good, but if that were the case, you probably wouldn’t be reading this.

The question gets down to managing stress.  That is, how to get the body to decide to manage stress through burning fat rather than storing it.

You can lower the stress, or learn to manage the stress, that’s fine but the bigger concern is how the body handles the stress it is getting.  Has it decided it needs to store fat to keep it safe?  If so, then that’s what it will do.

So, then how to get it to change its’ mind so that it burns fat instead of stores fat, when stressed?  That is, how to get it to change the metbolic switch from storer to releaser.

There is no one answer but there are things that can be done.

1.  You can start with what you already know, which is that just ‘wanting’ to switch to turn off, will not switch it off.  “Wanting” or “Intending” is good to a point but it won’t turn off or change the unconscious switches that are running the body.

2.  The switches are below the level of conscious thought.  Because they are at the lower levels of the brain, mid-brain and brain stem, thinking won’t change them.  It’s the other way around, they change thinking.  Not at the time of not being triggered are they noticed but when the ‘decision’ is made the ice cream is eaten.  At that point, the mid-brain, which is the emotional brain, is in control.

3.  There are ‘engrams’ running.  These are neural pathway memories that run at certain times, like in the evening.  When activated, they can bring on the desire for other feelings, which were activated at the time when the feeling was laid down.  It’s probably some combination of stress, fear, unease or mostly not even noticed.

4.  Learn to relax deeply.  Beyond meditation.  Use tapes or CDs.

5.  Learn to ‘notice’ inner experience.

6.  Do The Presence Process, 3 times.

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