‘Prediction’ is wired in the brain, it is how we operate as an organism in the world that is our environment.

‘Perception’ is used to mediate prediction, that is, perception is determining what to do and how to do it, at the body level.  Prediction is, “the useful expectation of events yet to come.”  Prediction is at the very core of brain functioning and consciousness.

The body is the size it is because the body/mind or “body’s mind” made a ‘prediction’ on what is the best size for it to be, at this time.

If the body is storing fat, then the body/mind is predicting famine or cold.  If the body is releasing fat then the body/mind is getting lean so it can get away from a predator.  The ‘thinking’ of the body/mind at this level is very primative, not complex.  It is in survival mode and it lives in a jungle.

If the body/mind has decided it needs to store fat, and it is being denied fat by their ‘person’ who is “on the diet”, then even though it will burn fat for the moment, its’ intention will be to always store fat.  Over the long haul, the body will win, if you live long enough.

The question is, “How to use the prediction function of the brain to get the body/mind to decide to burn fat, instead of store it?”

The first step would be to learn to identify the prediction function and see that it does exist.  Ways to see the prediction function are to notice balance, anticipation of thought and sound, and how ‘prediction’ impacts behavior.

Balance is an obvious feedback loop.  The body/mind has to anticipate which way the body will move, so as to correct it – balance it back.  There are three functions, 1. point of fixation; 2. balance; 3. corrective action – subtle muscle movements.

Anticipation of thought is when you listened to an old 33-1/3rd LP record over and over and got so you could ‘hear’ the next song before it played.

One way ‘prediction’ impacts behavior is it feels the way the body is feeling and then makes a decision based on that.  If the body feels bad then it will have negative thoughts about itself and then it will start to create scenarios based on that.

Body sensation ==> self-belief ==> behavior/actions

Not the other way around.  Self-belief is based on ‘felt-perception’ of body sensations, not on affirmative thought. That is why thought affirmations don’t work.

Therefore, you do EMDR on ‘felt-perception’ of the body, prior to thought.  The negative cognition is asked about to trigger the felt-perception of the negative thought in the body.  We need to be clear to realize that the negative cognition is not held in thought, it’s held in the body.  Do the bi-lateral stimulation on the ‘felt-perception’ in the body, not on the thought.

A negative sense of self will be held by the body as a feeling, not by the mind as a thought.  Thoughts are fleeting, they come and go.  Feelings are more insync with the body, and therefore move slower and at a lower frequency.  Begin to notice how changing feelings in the body influences thought.

This is how I would use knowing about ‘prediction’ as a brain process and how to use EMDR with it with that understanding.  You are desensitizing the engrams that are used to keep the body in a feeling state.

As it relates to fat storage, I would first be interested in resolving and integrating all lingering survival feelings from trauma, or highly charged negative experiences.  I wouldn’t worry about them being related to body size or function.  Do EMDR on those experiences and see what happens.

If the issue doesn’t resolve, or if there is more work to do, then focus on experiences related to eating, body size, and self-image.  Be interested in the most uncomfortable experience, and first experience and the last experience.   Do EMDR on that.

You’re wanting the body to ‘predict’ a positive, assured future.  You facilitate that by releasing the body/mind from past experiences of trauma and abuse.  You teach the body/mind that it can think about the most uncomfortable experiences and still manage the feelings it engenders.   The body is free to live in the present moment, therefore, choices and decisions will be made to keep the body healthy and alive the body size and shape will refect that sense of well-being.

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