Isa bar comparison chart


So, we’re sitting in the back of a workshop together and I hand Jennifer my IsaLean  bar so she can have a taste.  She’s not big on those “yucky” – her description – health bars – but I was sure she’d realize the difference.  One taste and she’d know how great these are.

Instead, she opens her purse and pulls out the items she’d purchased at the local 7/11 during the lunch break – her “snacks” for later, I suppose.  They were a bag of Peanut M&Ms, Kingsized Hershey’s bar, and a large Snickers (my eyes nearly popped out of my head.  I’m thinkin’, “This girl is nuts.”), and from those, she made this chart.

Her point was, that cheap candy bars have about the same amount of calories, fat, carbs and protein as does an expensive, multi-level marketed, meal replacement bar.  The biggest difference is the amount of protein, which she said you can easily make up up for with other foods throughout the day.

I think she has a great point and it was well made.   Actually, she was making several points, summarized as follows:

1.  Intuitive eating means we don’t have to go out and buy “magical” food.

2.  Common sources of food – aka candy bars – are readily available and they do-the-job.

3.  She walks the walk – meaning, she buys and eats what she says to buy and eat.

4.  I’m not sure what it is but there must be a 4th and 5th, etc.

Buy the way, she never did take a taste of my “yucky” bar, but that’s okay.  I still think they’re pretty darn good and I do like it that they’re made from ingredients  that haven’t been washed in pesticides and are claimed, at least, to be healthy.

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