Jeffrey Martin, a researcher with the Center for the Study of Non-Symbolic Consciousness told me some of the following points about people who have awakened:

The personality remains intact with no recognizable difference between the personality prior to awakening and to the personality after awakening.  People on the outside, friends and associates, can’t really tell a difference.

There are many awakened people who are not teachers.

Awakened people are all types.

There is no emotion connected to the personal ‘I’ thought.

They don’t hold onto regret, or emotional baggage, after saying or doing something that would typically cause someone to feel bad.  It’s not that they don’t care but they don’t have the emotional tie to anything, so feelings about ‘anything’ pass on by.

The last layer is a thin layer.

One man reported waking up and then spending the next three years trying to get his feelings back – to be a human again.  He had to relearn how to ‘love’ his children in a way that felt connected, in the manner prior to awakening.  He was successful.

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