Mindfulness – Our awareness of our ongoing experience creates an atunement, or resonance, within ourselves that transforms into a long-term state of resilience and awareness.

Focusing – Develop your felt-sense for a deeper, more intuitive connection to life around you.

The Power of Now  – Published in 1998, this book by Eckhart Tolle gives a new meaning to life and strengthens your purpose of live.

The Presence Process – Learn practical ways for being in the moment and feeling better Now.  With this book you learn about emotional patterns, how they started and how they keep repeating.  This book also gives you a way out.

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing) – This is a proven technology that really works to relieve trauma and stress as well as helping people to move beyond the thinking mind to a place of peace and true understanding of how their lives are unfolding.

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