Karen was kind enough to forward me these notes after our call this morning (Dec 19, 2010):

I would just like to recap on the main message of the call:

Life already allows the current curcumstances to BE, otherwise they
wouldn’t be there at all. Its already fully allowed by life itself.

In terms of the human experience, we can seemingly either accept or
resist life as it is.

This acceptance or resistance is in direct correlation to how much
peace / suffering is experienced.

Peace is ever present, but when we are focused on objectivity
(anything that can be seen / experienced) the peace that is always
here is seemingly overlooked.

In any given moment when you remember, the WATCH meditation is very useful:

W = words
A = actions
T = thoughts
C = character
H = heart

This helps divert conscious attention to the present, and the
experience. We can see in any moment where the focus of our attention
is, and this focus shines the light of awareness onto the experience,
meaning that we cannot be ‘fully’ in a state of reactivity when there
is awareness of behaviors / thoughts / feelings. This means we can be
more receptive to allowing the experience to be just as it is, even
if that seems unpleasant. Resistance is the fuel for the
intensification of the current experience and a recipe for more of
the same. So, when we allow, the power of any negativity is diminished
(even if the intensity of it seems temporarily to be increased, by
allowing it). Trust! It won’t last… 😉

This means the peace that is always here more readily shines through.

We can focus on the objective experience, or we can simply notice THAT
in which the objective experience takes place – awareness. The more we
notice awareness is ever present, the more peace shines through, no
matter what the circumstance.

Any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Much love,

Karen x

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