Good morning Jordan,

I am confused about this online training. It says online only but also in the description it says the two weekends are attended in person. Can you please clarify? And if so, where the in person sessions are held?
I am looking for online only training at this time. Having this clarification is important before I commit.
Answer:  Thanks for the question.

The training are “Online In-person” – meaning that the trainees attend in-person while the training is happening online. Attendees need to make the commitment to be at the training, in-person, while it is happening.  (For example, they can’t miss a couple of hours and then make it up later.)

Many online training are “asynchronous” meaning that you can watch a video of it anytime and come and go and attend it as you please.  We’re trying to make the distinction that these trainings are not like that.

Therefore, to be clear, the location of the training is sitting at your computer while you are online.



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