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The True “I” that I am (the subject) is pointed out by three of its natural intrinsic qualities. The three qualities are:

Beingness = Existence = Presence = Amness = Isness  …..    (1)

Consciousness = Knowingness = Awareness                …..     (2)

Infiniteness = Happiness = Bliss                                    …..    (3)

“I” do not have to specially “do” anything in order just to ‘be’, to be ‘aware’ or to be ‘happy’.
As per the understanding in Non-Duality, it is the “I” alone that exists. There is no second (entity or person or thing). It is Oneness.
Another name for Oneness (having no parts within it separated from one another) is Love.

[It is like saying in chemistry that gold is shiny, malleable and inert (not chemically reacting) metal. These are all its qualities and not what gold constitutes. All these characteristics point out to one and the same thing.]

Let us imagine this “One Thing” as a homogeneous, isotropic, indivisible single blob.
Say a small perturbation (thought) occurs within that blob.
Perturbation is movement. Movement automatically implies displacement in space and time. Thus time and space get created with the happeing of the perturbation.

This perturbation (thought) begins to imagine itself to be ‘separate’ from the whole one blob (though it is very much within the blob. This imaginary ‘separate’ entity is the “ego.”

We in the normal world think that we are the ‘ego.’ But the fact is we are the one whole blob and not the ‘ego’ which is an imaginary (non-existing) entity  limited in time and space.

The True characteristics of what we are (1 to 3 above) propel us to get back to our original natural state.
The propelling manifests (comes) in the form of unhappiness (sorrow) or  the feel of an absence of closeness with everything around.
Unhappiness shows up as either  a desire for or a lack of something.
Absence of intimate ‘closer than closeness’ (= Oneness) shows up as absence of love.

When we can successfully end the separation by fulfilling a desire, we temporarily get a taste of our original Happiness which is  what we really are.
When we successfully end the separation by dissolving the distance, we temporarily get a taste of love, which is Oneness and that’s what we really are. Thus,

Absence of a “desire” or a feeling of a “lack” for something is Happiness.
Absence of the feeling of (that a person or thing is separated from ‘me’ by) distance  is Love.

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