EMDR can be an effective treatment for childhood trauma, sexual and otherwise. Here are a few ways EMDR helps with addictions:

  • Feel better, quicker when emotional discomfort is resolved at a deeper level.
  • Desensitize intense fear and anxiety that is often associated with early sexualization.
  • Lowering the intensity of current triggers helps in reducing the urge to ‘act-out’.
  • Fear and stress associated with recent ‘acting out’ behavior can be reduced or eliminated.
  • Knits together new ideas and understandings from task-centered counseling with new behaviors.
  • Lessons from task-centered counseling can be reinforced and integrated.
  • Unhealthy shame can be targeted and managed so feelings of guilt are reduced.
  • Shame based behavior becomes more manageable.
  • End nightmares
  • End obsessive thinking

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