Online EMDR Therapist Training

With the uncertainty of the Covid-19 virus situation, we have been approved to do our remaining 2020 schedule of EMDR trainings online.  While this is a different environment for a training – being at home or in your office on your computer – we encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity.  In this case, the training dates and times are the same as were scheduled for the in-person trainings as listed on the CompassionWorks website.

There are minimal requirements for the online training: You will need to be able to have a quiet space for participation with your fully functioning computer connected to the internet. Your computer must have full audio and video capabilities.   Using a Chrome or Firefox browser is preferred.  If you need to attend by smartphone, while not ideal, it is also possible. 

The platforms we will be using to provide the EMDR Therapist Training online are and (commonly referred to as Canvas). Both of these websites have specific minimum requirements for computer specs. Please view the minimum requirements for Zoom and the minimum requirements for Canvas to ensure your computer will allow you to attend in an efficient manner.

One of the great things about EMDR is that it can be done very effectively online.  With EMDR therapy, you have the ability to go beyond talk therapy or whatever you’re currently doing. to really help people create effective, positive change in their lives with EMDR.  Of course, during the training we cover doing EMDR therapy online, the precautions and protocols, and as you learn and practice the EMDR procedure during your breakout sessions, you will experience the values of doing EMDR online, as well.

We are excited to be able to offer to you these trainings online and these trainings are offered to qualified mental health professionals across the country.  We are using CE-Classes to provide the continuing education credit for people with licensure for states outside of Texas.

The technical specifications for using Zoom, including compute type, operating systems and browsers are <here>.


We are using the platform Canvas Free to manage the materials such as the training manual, online discussion, quizzes, evaluations and other resources.

If you do not have an account with Canvas Free, you’re required to set one up for this virtual training.  After you register, we’ll send you an invitation to create this account, if you don’t already have one.

The Technical Specifications for using Canvas, including computer type, operating system and browsers are <here>.

You may also contact Jordan with questions or concerns.

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