EMDR Therapist Training Schedule 2024

Trainings are Open to All Qualified Mental Health Professionals Nationwide!

    Online connection and training information is <here>.   Eligibility requirements are <here>.

Virtual Trainings 2024:

Trainings listed as “*** Live and Online ***” mean that you will be with the instructors, training staff, and other attendees online, in real time, during the class, for both weekends.  You will be online on your computer in a private- office or home/home office setting. 

In-PersonTraining 2024:

Trainings listed as “***In-Person***” means that both weekends will be in-person on location. 

In-Person/Hybrid Trainings 2024:

Trainings listed as “***In-Person/Hybrid***” mean that the first weekend will be in-person on location and the second weekend will be Live and Online.  

PRIVATE TRAININGS 2024: Contact Jordan

Completed Trainings 2024:


Completed Trainings 2020-2023