Jordan Shafer, MS, LPC

I am available on a limited basis, every other week. Contact mail by email.

As an EMDR therapist, I help people explore and identify the thought patterns constantly running in the background that cause conflict and discomfort.  These thoughts or “neural patterns,” which are formed over a lifetime, cause anxiety and stress (PTSD) and are disruptive regular living.  As these emotional patterns are identified, we then use EMDR processing to resolve them.  Sometimes this can be accomplished in a few sessions, but most often it takes longer.

I teach people the skill of tuning into their “felt-sense”, staying with their emotions, and learning to regulate their feelings and emotions from that place.  This is a great way to live in the present moment, responding in “real-time” to what is currently happening as opposed to reacting to a contrived reality constructed in the mind and being played out in “real-life.”

For people who want to go deeper, I encourage them to buy, read and do, The Presence Process by Michael Brown.  We can then use that as a way to guide our sessions and the work we do.

I help people see life from a different perspective.  After all, you can’t use the thinking you used to get into your current discomfort, to get you out of it.


Plano, TX  75023  (near Custer and Legacy)

Counseling is provided on a “fee-for-service” or “self-pay” basis, and payment is due at the time of service. If out-of-network benefits are available, they are the responsibility of the client.

Charges are as follows:

  • Regular session (50 minutes) $140.00;
  • Extended Session (80 minutes) $185.00.

Jordan can be reached via:


phone: (972) 342-2448

jose carbajal suit jacket
Jose Carbajal, PhD, LCSW

Dr. Jose Carbajal attended Baylor University after his tenure in the U.S. Army, where he received his bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in social work, and a master’s degree in theological studies. He completed his Ph.D. in Social Work at the University of Texas at Arlington. Jose has several publications and he has conducted many professional presentations and trainings. Jose’s research focus is on the interventions clinicians use to treat trauma, neuroscience, and faith. Jose has over 15 years of clinical experience and he has extensive teaching experience, leading seminars, and workshops. His clinical specialties are trauma, sexual abuse recovery, domestic violence, and substance abuse. Dr. Carbajal is EMDR Certified, an Approved Consultant, an EMDRIA Approved Trainer in EMDR, and a CompassionWorks Lead Trainer.

Jose can be reached via:

email: (preferred contact method)

phone: (817) 565-7162

Trainers and Consultants for Certification

Amanda Martin
Amanda Martin, PhD, LMFT-S, LPC, BCN

Amanda Martin, Ph.D., LMFT-S, LPC, BCN, Eagala MH graduated from Texas Woman’s University and is a native Texan. She specializes in working with people and families with trauma histories in residential and outpatient settings. She has a Ph.D. in Family Therapy and has the following licenses: Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Supervisor, Licensed Professional Counselor, Board Certified in Neurofeedback, and Mental Health Eagala Professional. Amanda is EMDR Certified, an Approved EMDR Consultant, an EMDR Trainer, and a CompassionWorks Lead Trainer.

Amanda can be reached via:


phone:  (832) 422 8702

Address: 24285 Katy Freeway, Katy, TX 77494


Special Cheers
12570 Clay Rd, Houston, TX 77041


Heather Dunn, LPC-S and LMFT-S

Heather graduated from the University of Colorado in Denver with a Masters of Arts in Couples and Family Therapy in 2005.  Shortly after graduation she moved to Houston where she worked with survivors of domestic and sexual violence in a non-profit setting for 15 years. Now in private practice, she specializes in working with adults with complex trauma. Heather is a supervisor for both LPC’s and LMFT’s, a Fully Approved EMDR Consultant, an EMDRIA Approved Trainer, and a CompassionWorks Lead Trainer.

Heather offers group and individual consultation online at flexible times

Heather can be reached via:


phone: (281) 810-9775


address: 3820 E Broadway St., Pearland, TX 77581

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Robert Peacock, LCSW-S

Robert is an EMDR Approved Consultant, EMDRIA Approved Trainer, and a CompassionWorks Trainer and has practiced EMDR since 2016.  His specialties are complex trauma and dissociation. Additionally, Robert has worked with clients who have struggled with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and OCD.  He enjoys helping consultees gain a deeper understanding of the EMDR practice, particularly the importance of target sequencing, cognitive interweaves, and how best to implement EMDR into your theoretical framework.

Robert can be reached via:


phone: (682) 472-7771


Alison Childers, MA, LPC

Alison works with adults in private practice in The Woodlands, TX. She has worked in a variety of settings for over 15 years as a therapist and has special interest in working in areas of trauma, past abuse/hurts, PTSD, anxiety, stress, women’s issues, and inner resource development. She also enjoys integrating expressive arts in the therapy process and Christian integration for those requesting that perspective. Alison is an EMDRIA Certified EMDR therapist and an EMDRIA Approved Consultant for EMDR, and she offers consultations for EMDR Certification and EMDR Consultants-in-Training, with both in-person and online consultations available.

Alison can be reached via:


phone (832) 264-3614

mailing address: PO Box 9623, Spring, TX 77387

Sharon Walker
Sharon Walker, LCSW

Sharon L. Walker, LCSW is in private practice in Arlington, TX and has been in the field of social work for nearly 40 years. Since 2003, Sharon has worked to specialize her practice to treating complex trauma. She is a certified and Approved Consultant in EMDR therapy. She is trained in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and utilizes mindfulness and body work in her practice. She is also trained in Thought Field Therapy, Play Therapy and in Clinical Hypnosis. In the past 10 years, Sharon has worked extensively with dissociation and DID including those with ritual abuse. She also works with survivors of suicide loss and facilitates Survivors of Suicide (SOS), a support group in Fort Worth. Sharon is a member of the Suicide Awareness Coalition in Tarrant County. She is also a member of EMDRIA, NASW, and the International Society on the Study of Trauma and Dissociation (ISSTD).

Sharon can be reached via:


phone: (817) 277-0660

Amber Quaranta-Leech, MA, LPC-S

Amber is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and Supervisor (LPC-S). She is an EMDRIA Approved Trainer, a Certified Career Counselor, trained in TF-CBT, certified by the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA) as well as a Natural Lifemanship: Trauma-Focused Equine Assisted Therapy practitioner. She graduated from The University of Texas at Tyler in 2009 with her Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology. Her work experiences have included a variety of settings such as adolescent drug rehab, hospitals, and Residential Treatment Centers. In 2013 Amber moved to Killeen, Texas and entered private practice. During her time there she focused on helping clients heal from trauma and abuse. She also helped individuals who needed support in transitions, life changes, and dealing with depression and anxiety. In 2020 Amber moved back to Tyler, Texas to join the TASK program. She especially enjoys education and curriculum development, and supervision of up and coming counselors. Amber is currently a student at Regent University working on her PhD in Counseling Education and Supervision. Amber is an EMDRIA Approved Trainer and a CompassionWorks Lead Trainer.


Phone: 325-660-5434

Tricia Gagnon, MS. Ed.S, RYT, LPC-S

Tricia Gagnon, MS. Ed.S, RYT, LPC-S is an EMDRIA Approved Consultant with over twenty years experience helping adults reconnect to their inner resources & purpose as they heal their trauma. She loves helping consultees feel confident with EMDR and develop their skills in treating trauma. Tricia works with adults and incorporates Internal Family Systems, mindfulness, trauma informed yoga, & equine therapy in recovery from PTSD, complex trauma & dissociation. She owns a group practice in Flower Mound, leads a monthly EMDR group for Certification, and is also open for individual consultation online.

Tricia can be reached via:


phone: (469) 556-5234


Beth Coles, M.Ed. LPC-S, RPT-S

Beth Coles, M.Ed. LPC-S #61349, RPT-S is licensed in counseling and intern supervision and is a Certified EMDR Therapist. Beth is also an Approved Consultant with EMDRIA. Beth has a private practice in Richardson, TX.

Beth can offer individual consultation toward certification in EMDR and is also currently offering consultation groups for certification. Beth specializes in working with children, teens and young adults who have experienced various types of trauma. She has completed advanced training in EMDR including: Integrative Attachment Trauma Protocol for Children, EMDR and Play Therapy, EMDR and Sandtray, and EMDR Therapy Protocols for Early Intervention and Ongoing Traumatic Stress, and EMDR and Domestic Violence.

Beth can be contacted at:

phone: 214-577-7550



Jinnelle Veronique Powell, MS, LPC-S

Jinnelle is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Board Approved Supervisor in Texas, EMDR Certified Therapist, an EMDR Consultant, an EMDRIA Approved Trainer, and a CompassionWorks Lead Trainer-in-Training. She specializes in working with clients ages 13 and older who have experienced trauma or are working through grief and loss. Jinnelle has served the South Texas community for over eleven years in a variety of capacities with child welfare agencies and mental health community centers. In addition to her role as a counselor, Jinnelle has experience conducting home studies for private adoptions and has served as a Project Manager for Mauney and Associates, LLC, a large Child Placing Agency in Texas. Jinnelle is the owner/founder of Distinctive Counseling and Consulting, PLLC where she oversees a dynamic team of professional counselors, associate-level counselors, and students in training. Jinnelle is a full member of the EMDR International Association (EMDRIA), the Texas Counseling Association (TCA), the American Counseling Association (ACA), the Association for Counselor Educators and Supervisors (ACES), the Association for Assessment and Research in Counseling, and the National Alliance on Mental Illness (Texas). Currently she is serving as the 2022-2023 Co-President of the Chi Sigma Iota, Omega Zeta Chapter. If you are an LPC Associate in Texas, Jinnelle can offer both supervision and EMDR consultation to launch you toward certification as a fully licensed counselor.

text or call: 361.945.3084



Uche Chukwureh, LPC-S

Uche Chukwureh, LPC-S is a therapist in private practice in San Antonio, Tx. He has 10 years of experience working with youth and children in residential settings. He is passionate about helping youth and families that have experienced trauma. He also works with adults presenting with complex trauma and dissociation. He is a Consultant in Training with EMDRIA and a Certified EMDR therapist. He offers individual and group consultations both online and face to face.


phone: 210-687-3526


Stephanie Greiner, LPC
Stephanie Greiner is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in private practice in Forney, TX. She is an EMDR certified therapist and an EMDRIA approved consultant. She is a trauma-informed therapist with experience treating diverse populations, including the LGBTQ+ community, with a focus on complex trauma and attachment wounds. Stephanie has experience working with children, adolescents, and adults in a number of different settings. Stephanie offers individual consultation both in-person and online.