With EMDR we can end symptoms of PTSD, such as a nervous stomach, nightmares, negative self-talk, and recurring self-defeating patterns of behavior that result in conflicts.  In addition, you can get relief from unconscious patterns of desire, such as over-eating and the other process addictions as well as relief from attachment to substances, including drugs and alcohol.

“The nice thing about EMDR is that sometimes it’s really powerful and you get a lot out of it, and sometimes it’s pretty quiet and you still get a lot out of it.” ~ a client

CompassionWorks resolves and integrates the traumas, childhood and otherwise, that interfere with living in the moment.

“Rather than understanding that our history as a human race is profoundly traumatic, we choose to believe that we have survived and adapted.  We apply the same lack of vision to our children, believing that come what may, they are resilient.” ~ Uri Bergman

“What’s required is given.”  ~ Michael Brown

“Life is designed to raise questions.”  ~ Ramesam

The EMDR Container Exercise

Benefits of Counseling with Jordan

The following are some of the benefits people have reported getting when they have worked effectively with Jordan.  These come as a result of doing EMDR processing along with some of the other experiences for growth that are offered such as mindfulness, focusing, and exploring your life experience in a positive, insightful manner.


  • Nightmares stop.
  • You stop getting as angry as quickly, if at all.
  • The nervous stomach feeling gets resolved.
  • Constantly berating yourself with self-talk stops or greatly subsides.
  • Panic attacks stop or become much more manageable.
  • You sleep better and wake up less often.
  • You learn how to calm anxious emotional states.
  • Life situations stop being so dramatic.
  • You get a lighter perspective of difficult situations.
  • Attachments to other people reduces or stops altogether.
  • You’re able to move on from trauma.


  • You can become ‘emotionally integrated and connected.’
  • You will be able to feel, bond, and love.
  • You will no longer be triggered by your ‘locked in’ emotional memories.
  • You get a new helpful way to look at life.
  • You will get results you can see and recognize.
  • You’ll become less emotionally reactive.
  • You’ll start to make better decisions because you’ll learn to feel them first.
  • You’ll begin to accept responsibility for decisions you are already making.
  • We’ll empty the swamp of emotional anxiety and distress.
  • Your locus of control will shift to the self.
  • You’ll learn to discern when it’s real and when you’re telling a story.
  • You can let go of being emotionally attached to your story and learn to hold it lightly.

Stress Factors

“There are studies that say that the number one risk factor for premature death from cardiovascular disease is hostility and resentment and what is called cynical mistrust.”  ~  Deepak Chopra

CompassionWorks is focused on providing you with the ability to lower your stress, anxiety, and depression, which can result in the ability to make better decisions and an increased capacity for compassion and trust.

We believe in using proven innovations, being creative, and getting great results.

Our therapy includes using the Western disciplines of EMDR Counseling and cognitive-behavioral therapy, two of the most scientifically studied and verified counseling technologies available, combined with teachings from nondual wisdom.

CompassionWorks has developed a counseling method that helps get the freedom and power that comes from living in the present moment.

Some ways to get started right now are:

  • Mindfulness – Shift your attention of your ongoing experience to being in the present moment and become ‘The Watcher’ of your thoughts and feelings.
  • Focusing – Tune into the feelings in your body without trying to push them away.  Allow them to appear as they are and if they are uncomfortable, allow that.
  • Read “The Power of Now” and read and start doing “The Presence Process.”  This will help you become actively involved in creating a better life for yourself and those around you.
  • Read What is EMDR Counseling? or watch How EMDR Counseling Works because, EMDR is a proven technology that really works to relieve depression, anxiety, and stress.   In addition, it helps to know how EMDR Counseling works.   
  • Start seeing anything that happens in your life that seems negative as a ‘messenger’ that is bringing you an opportunity to grow, especially as you learn to ‘feel’ it.  That doesn’t mean you won’t feel uncomfortable – learning to feel good is learning to feel everything.
  • Take the next step…

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Dr. Amber Quaranta-Leech, LPC-S

Amber holds a PhD in Counselor Education and Supervision from Regent University. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor in both Texas and Oklahoma and holds Supervisor credential for Texas. Amber is an EMDRIA consultant and trainer. She has over a decade of experience in the trauma field in work with uniformed services, domestic violence, childhood trauma and abuse, and recent mass trauma events. Amber provides consultation for EMDRIA certification, for consultants-in-training, and supervision for LPC-Associates. Amber continues to research the benefits of EMDR therapy with a variety of populations. Her goal is to help build strong clinicians who are well versed in trauma interventions to better support their clients. Amber sees a limited number of clients with a focus on trauma work, she is also a Certified Career Counselor and Certified through EAGALA to provide equine-assisted therapy. 

Dr. Jose Carbajal, LCSW

Dr. Jose Carbajal, a U.S. Army veteran, earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in social work and a master’s in theological studies from Baylor University, and a Ph.D. in Social Work from the University of Texas at Arlington. With over 15 years of clinical experience and extensive teaching experience, Jose specializes in trauma, sexual abuse recovery, domestic violence, and substance abuse. His research focuses on trauma interventions, neuroscience, and faith. He is EMDR Certified, an Approved Consultant, and an EMDRIA Approved Trainer, with numerous publications and professional presentations to his name.

Dr. Amanda Martin, LMFT-S, LPC, BCN

Amanda Martin holds a PhD in Family Therapy and is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Supervisor, and EMDRIA Approved Consultant. With over 14 years of experience, she specializes in trauma therapy for individuals and families in residential and outpatient settings. Amanda also provides supervision for EMDR certification, EMDR consultants-in-training, and LMFT-Associates. Her mission is to help people find a healthy, joyful, and fulfilling path in life. Her warm, supportive, and interactive counseling style incorporates Symbolic Experiential Therapy, Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, EMDR, HeartMath, Animal-Assisted Therapy, Neurofeedback, and Collaborative Problem Solving.