Benefits of Counseling with Jordan

The following are some of the benefits people have reported getting when they have worked effectively with Jordan.  These come as a result of doing EMDR processing along with some of the other experiences for growth that are offered such as mindfulness, focusing and exploring your life experience in a positive, insightful, manner.


  • Nightmares stop.
  • You stop getting as angry as quickly, if at all.
  • The nervous stomach feeling gets resolved.
  • Constantly berating yourself with self-talks stops or greatly subsides.
  • Panic attacks stop or become much more manageable.
  • You sleep better and wake up less often.
  • You learn how to calm anxious emotional states.
  • Life situations stop being so dramatic.
  • You get a lighter perspective of difficult situations.
  • Attachments to other people lessons or stops altogether.
  • You’re able to move on from trauma.



  • You can become ‘emotionally integrated and connected’.
  • You will be able to feel, bond, and love.
  • You will no longer be triggered by your locked in emotional memories.
  • You get a new helpful way to look at life.
  • You will get results you can see and recognize.
  • You’ll become less emotionally reactive.
  • You’ll start to make better decisions because you’ll learn to feel them first.
  • You’ll begin to accept responsibility for decisions you are already making.
  • We’ll drain the swamp of emotional anxiety and distress.
  • Your locus of control will shift to the self.
  • You’ll learn to discern when it’s real and when you’re telling a story.
  • You can let go of being emotionally attached to your story and learn to hold it lightly.