First Week Testimonials only:

  • “Jose your knowledge and positive energy is appreciated tremendously. Thank you for sharing!”

  • “Jordan, Jose, Tricia & Mark, thank you for inviting us to share in the experience of community. Non-judgmental joining in being. I think often we do not take the time to be present with ourselves. Loving kindness, vulnerability, presence, grows in this silent space. Being present with ourselves and like minded seekers allows joy. Namaste.”

  • “By the end it was clear that Jordan’s presentation transformed the experience and the group itself. The retreat experience was beautiful and deeply needed by me. It offered professional learnings in balance with experiential learnings to deepen our wisdom as healers. Beautiful week!”

  • “I got so much out of this retreat. I learned a lot and had so much fun. I felt that I can use mindfulness in my practice at a much deeper level than previously.”

  • “Mark’s tools for calming and the neuroscience made practical for us with client, was a highlight”

  • “Both Tricia & Mark provided a safe and calm place to practice, and yoga poses that were not too difficult, but very physically and mentally therapeutic. They presented in easy to understand “techniques”

  • “Mark’s warmth and humor added a beautiful balancing element to this experience. The experiential elements of yoga and breath “re-rhythmed” me over the course of the week”

  • “Helpful material to use personally and with clients, gentle compassionate energy with the therapist’s vantage point”

  • “I had a great time. Having the free day in the middle was good. The yoga, gongs, and talent show were amazing. Thank you!”

  • “It was an overall spectacular retreat. I was immersed in every part and the beautiful grounds and landscape helped me settle into mindfulness, or as I’ve learned “mindlessness”. Thank you!!!”

  • “I LOVED the yoga, both of your the presentations verbal & physical. LOVED the gong baths-so amazing at sunset.”


  • “Would participate again, 100%. Actually had time and care to help recover from secondary trauma from work & life.”