“I just want to thank you and the wonderful consultants at Compassion Works for this life changing program! I was skeptical about EMDR at first, but I truly feel that it has been the “missing piece” in my clinical work. EMDR has forever altered how I view therapy and healing. I can’t wait to continue learning and growing as I continue to work towards EMDR certification. I truly can never thank you enough!” -Callie C.

“This was a most amazing training. I have learned so much and look forward to using this for years to come. The EMDR I’ve been doing with clients in the past couple months… I have seen it give clients so much hope and progress in issues they’ve been struggling with for years… and it gives me a new intuition into patterns of behavior and an “in” with clients for mind-body-emotion connection in a way that is scientifically validated yet “spiritual” in how it feels.” -Suzanne V.

“Please tell everyone at CompassionWorks that I have been promoting the training to other therapists that I know. You all do such a wonderful job with the training and supporting the trainees throughout the process.” -Katie D.

“Great! EMDR has completely changed my work as a therapist and already been so beneficial to my clients. Thank you for the great training!” -Suzanne

“I completed the exam on Canva this past weekend. Thank you again for your amazing hard work during the training. I really enjoyed it!”

“Good morning Jordan! First, I’d like to say thank you for a supurb course and experience with CompassionWorks. The level of organization made my organized heart very happy, and I really enjoyed having the expertise of so many great clinicians. I will certainly recommend CompassionWorks to anyone that asks me about EMDR training.”

“When I added that I was EMDR trained to my website on Psychology Today, I immediately began to receive referrals for sessions.”

“Hi Jordan!
Thank you so much for the EMDR training opportunity and providing consultation. EMDR has been a complete game changer for me and the people I serve. I love being able to join clients in their journey to healing and be able to offer this wonderful tool to them. The results I have seen this far have been incredible and I am in awe of the power EMDR has to help people heal.

Thank you SO much,

“My MFT students have completed Compassion Works training the last two years. It has been very cool for our students to be able to offer low-cost EMDR as a service to the community. Many of our graduates have continued to use it in their private practices. Even if our students choose not to use EMDR, the skills and knowledge gained is still invaluable. They gain a deep understanding of trauma and its effects on the brain and body and they learn skills and techniques for keeping clients within their window of tolerance and for helping clients manage emotional reactions. I wish I had received this level of training in my masters program. My students are ahead of the curve.” -Lisa V. Merchant, PhD, LMFT, MFS Department Chair and MFT Program Director, Department of Marriage and Family Studies, Abilene Christian University

“Jordan, today’s class felt like the hours passed so quickly and seamlessly. I did not feel fatigued and felt like you guys set up things really really well. I was hesitant about sitting in front of a lesson all day, but with the breaks given and all the break out groups it was awesome. Honestly, it was less stressful than having a full day of clients back to back. You guys are doing a great job.” -Marissa

Trainees were invited to make a comment to help others know about the training and how they may benefit:

“Thank you Jordan! I appreciate all you’ve done in helping me become trained.”

“Hi Jordan–
Thank you for sending the certificate. It was truly the best and most comprehensive training I have attended. I learned so much, although, I am quite certain not enough at this point. I have recommended your EMDR training to several faculty members. I hope they will sign up.”

“Jordan’s knowledge of EMDR and his ability to share that knowledge was excellent.  His style is personal and encouraging.”

“Jordan stopped and explained things one-on-one to each of us as we needed it.  He looked for things to help us understand better.”

“I got my info from a former student.  Glad my boss passed it on.”

“I found the training to be helpful and definitely feel excited and as though I learned a good amount.”

“Liked that we had so much time to practice and that material was easy to follow.”

“Great job!  The info is very helpful and relevant.  Thanks.”

“The overall training was extremely helpful and beneficial.”

“I enjoyed all phases – very good in 3 days.”

“I think you did very well coming from the perspective of your experience.  The best part was when you were helping with the one-on-one and you did great with those questions and being responsive.  I felt like I could ask you any question.”

“Interesting discussions.”

“Having handouts made everything easy to follow and easy to concentrate.”

“The training was is very useful and I learned a lot, especially practicing with peers and receiving feedback from the instructor.”

“It’s a fun class and will teach skills that will help clients much quicker.”

“Very relaxed and “down to earth” training.  Trainer was thorough and well learned on topic.”

“Loved the live examples and observation time.”

“Jordan was interested, supportive and open to new learning along with the trainees.”

“I have and will continue to recommend Jordan as a trainer to others.  Great experience!”

“Excellent training.”

“Extremely knowledgeable trainer in EMDR.  I feel confident to use EMDR with clients.”

“I’ve been a successful therapist almost 20 years.  You can teach an old dog new tricks…and models.  Very helpful in explaining stuck clients and knowing what to do with them.”

“Learn EMDR in a relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere.”

“Have small ‘t’ traumas in your mind to talk about and encourage them that the experiential component is helpful to learning EMDR.”

“Great teaching style.  Interesting material and case discussion.  Well worth the time.”

“You can expect an interactive, engaging and clearly present workshop!”

“Gives new tool to help clients.”

“Great explanation of effects of trauma and memory and the brain.”

“It’s all good.”

“Enjoyed Jordan’s style of teaching.  He was very responsive to every individual’s concerns.”

“I really thought this was a wonderful class.  This class will allow you to target trauma & cognitions in a way that really helps people heal, not just change.”

“Effective for therapist who are skilled but long to be more effective and targeted with all of their clients.”

“Effective tool clinicians can use with most clients to address negative thoughts, emotions and beliefs.”

“Be open to learn and not understand it at the beginning, but listen and follow thru with course as it gets explained.”

“EMDR really seems to speed up the therapy process.”

“Jordan makes the goal of learning EMDR attainable.  He breaks it down and provides enough support and practice that I can feel confident using EMDR.”

“Improve your therapy skills.  Come and learn about yourself.”

“This therapeutic approach will greatly enhance every therapist’s practice/ability to effectively work w/clients.”

“This training provides a new toolbox to use for helping clients.”

“EMDR – amazingly helpful with people who have trauma.  It works.”

“I truly enjoyed this training and look forward to continuing.”

“Great training and looking forward to putting skills into practice.”

“Expect to be able to practice EMDR after workshop.”

“Small class was beneficial.  More practice was beneficial.  I would recommend that as a bonus.”

“Class participation and comfort in personal processing is a large part of the course objectives.”

“Significant amount of practical application as both client and therapist.”

“Until you go through EMDR as a client you won’t be able to understand how valuable and quick EMDR is.”

“Good introduction to EMDR basics.”

“Good amount of training but practice and application of techniques enhance the learning.  I would not want training weekends back-to-back for this reason.”