Managing the Emotional Brain…

EMDR counseling is a type of therapy that we use to help people get past whatever is causing them difficulties, so they can become more present and enjoy life.  Like other psychotherapies, we do talk about what is happening in your life, about what-is-working and what-is-not working. We explore practical solutions and we go one step further.  By using EMDR processing to work directly with your ‘limbic’ brain, we let your brain change the way emotional information is stored.  Because, new neuro-networks are getting linked-up during the EMDR processing, the mind becomes more open in its ability to find creative solutions to what seemed like unsolvable problems.  In addition, because of reduced anxiety, which is due to the emotional desensitization related to the EMDR processing, life starts to ‘feel’ better.

EMDR Therapist and Distance Counseling

With EMDR counseling, we re-visit unpleasant experiences, and we awaken thoughts, images, body sensations and negative beliefs.  As we do that, we use ‘bilateral stimulation’ (eye-movements, sound or tapping) to let the mind figure out its own way to get resolution with bad feelings, negative thoughts, and uncomfortable body sensations.

Everyday,  we see people realize the personal advantages gained from becoming more emotionally mature and more relaxed as mental clarity increases. In just a few EMDR therapy sessions (which are done after an intake and history gathering) you can begin to realize the following benefits:

  • Stop feeling overwhelmed
  • Panic and anxiety attacks stop
  • Relationships improve
  • Worry and excessive thinking ends
  • Depression lifts
  • Sleep better
  • Chronic pain eases
  • Healing from surgeries or physical injuries greatly improves