EMDR with Addictions – The DeTUR Protocol

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Presenter: AJ Popky

Friday and Saturday
May 13, 14, 2016
Comfort Inn
Plano, TX

Tuition:  $375.00 

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The Speaker

Arnold (AJ) Popky was instrumental in the founding of the EMDR Institute, is certified in Ericksonian Hypnosis and is a Master Practitioner of NLP. Dr. Popky specializes in PTSD and addiction. He developed the DeTUR Protocol, which he has presented in workshops internationally.  His work can be found in “EMDR Solutions” by Robin Shapiro, PhD and in “Scripted Protocols” by Marilyn Luber, PhD.  He also works at camps with our wounded warriors.  He presently has a private practice in Sherman Oaks, CA and trains and consults to DoD therapists at Military Bases around the Globe along with several drug rehabilitation centers.  Dr. Popky is a charter member of DIV. 1277 of the Marine Corps League.  Previously, he spent 30 years in High Technology Silicon Valley electronics, and computer companies.

The DeTUR Model

Desensitizing Triggers and Urge Reprocessing (DeTUR) is a new approach based on the information processing model of EMDR and is used with EMDR as an integral part of a comprehensive plan for the treatment of addictions and dysfunctional behaviors.  This approach consists of a comprehensive treatment plan including history, assessment and diagnosis, detoxification (if necessary), medications, aligning internal and external support resources, group or family therapy, creating realistic and achievable treatment goals, individual therapy and relapse prevention.

Issues Treated

  • Alcohol
  • Nicotine
  • Cocaine
  • Crack
  • Methamphetamine
  • Marijuana
  • Herion
  • Weight Problems
  • Overeating
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Gambling
  • Shoplifting
  • Sex
  • Domestic Violence


Target the Urges

By targeting the triggers that bring out the urge to use and then desensitizing these urges, the individual gains in ego strength and learns to replace the dysfunctional behavior with a more positive and functional life style.

Addresses the Underlying Core Trauma

Individual therapy with EMDR assesses a client’s specific needs and enables “reprocessing” of the core, underlying issues contributing to the presenting problems.

Relapse Prevention

Once the core traumatic issues have been reprocessed and dealt with, the triggers are no longer able to generate the anxiety that is attached to the urge to use and relapse becomes less likely.

Program Objectives

  • Describe trauma’s role in the addiction process.
  • Show how resource accessing empowers clients.
  • Show how the DeTUR protocol interfaces with EMDR AIP model.
  • Define where to begin treatment with either DeTUR or EMDR.
  • Show how DeTUR is used to reprocess anger with Military PTSD.
  • Describe and demonstrate each step of the DeTUR protocol.
  • Demonstrate the use of Interweaves to speed the healing process.

Components of the DeTUR protocol

  • Resource Accessing
  • Positive Goal
  • Positive State
  • Identify triggers
  • Identify LOU (Level of Urge)
  • Desensitize triggers & urges
  • Install positive state
  • Future template
  • Closure
  • Relapse prevention
  • Reevaluation

Workshop Information


Pre-requisite: Participants must have completed an EMDRIA Approved Basic training in EMDR (both Part I and Part II).

Tuition: $375.00

Cancellation/Refund:  Your tuition is refundable less a processing fee of $75.00 up to 10 days prior to the workshop date.  After 10 days prior, no credit is given.

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