I created this chart to show the work that remains after EMDR has been used. The purpose is to begin “thawing out” the maladaptive neural nets and linking them to the adaptive networks.


EQ and EMDR2

The graph is EQ (Emotional Intelligence) on the y-axis and Time is across the bottom (x-axis).

The idea is that without childhood experiences of trauma (chronic or acute) one would mature emotionally as represented by the curved line on the top.

However, trauma tends to disrupt or impede emotional development.  One is not as confident, has difficulty sleeping, performing in school, making friends, PTSD symptoms or their influence on living.

When we do EMDR, (bringing the past into the present) we work in the “now” moment as represented by the vertical straight line to the right of the midline of the graph.

The EMDR processing may alleviate the trauma symptoms but there is still work to do!

That is represented by the squiggly line from the “EMDR” to the top line in the graph.

This involves work in helping the client to evolve to an age-appropriate level of maturity.  The counseling may include encouraging the client to get involved in relationships, getting better at emotional self regulation, and learning how to channel and focus new found motivation.  Basically, working with the client to develop and evolve in their age-appropriate level of maturity, whatever that is.

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