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Completed CompassionWorks Training:
July 2018 in Allen, TX

Heather and Chris

Heather Hester, MS, LCSW-S

Bilingual (Spanish) Licensed Clinical Social Work Supervisor
Texas License #63127

Beginning her academic journey, Heather Hester M.S., LCSW-S, earned an Associates of Arts from Collin County Community College. She furthered her education by obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from the renowned Texas Woman’s University in Denton, TX. Completing her advanced studies, she secured a Master’s degree in Social Work from Texas A&M Commerce, Commerce, TX.

Specialized Training:
Professionally trained in EMDR Therapy (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), Heather brings a technique endorsed by the World Health Organization for treating PTSD to her practice. Her therapeutic methods encompass CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), CPT (Cognitive Processing Therapy), TF-CBT (Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), mindfulness practices, grief counseling, family systems approach, crisis intervention, and comprehensive trauma treatment.

Professional Experience:
Heather’s vast experience spans multiple sectors, from serving in a mental health authority, assisting the homeless at a shelter, providing care in hospice and home health settings, to gaining insights into the complexities of the adoption process during her tenure at an adoption agency. She has also been an adjunct faculty at the joint Master of Social Work degree program at TWU-UNT and has been supervising bachelor and master level social workers since 2016.

Areas of Focus:
Dedicated exclusively to adult clientele, Heather specializes in:

  • Law enforcement, first responders, and military personnel (both active duty and veterans).
  • Therapists and other mental health clinicians.
  • Mothers adapting their therapy sessions around a school schedule.

Grounded in empathy and understanding, Heather’s approach centers on embracing clients in their present circumstances without judgment. She accompanies them on a transformative journey, enabling them to discover and harness their true potential. Heather adeptly assists clients in managing challenges such as OCD, trauma, neglect, self-harming behaviors, physical aggression, depression, anxiety, grief, relational difficulties, adjustment struggles, and insecurities.

Why Choose Heather Hester as Your EMDR Therapist as a First Responder or Military Veteran?

Deep Personal Connection to First Responders & Military:
Heather’s intimate understanding of the challenges faced by those in law enforcement and the military isn’t just professional—it’s personal. As a former 911 dispatcher, she has witnessed first-hand the urgent and intense scenarios that law enforcement personnel deal with. Being married to a police officer with 18 years of dedicated service has further deepened her comprehension of the unique pressures and traumas they experience.

Moreover, her family’s legacy of military service paints a clear picture of her profound connection. With a grandfather who served and retired from the Navy, an uncle actively serving in the Navy, a stepfather who dedicated his years to the Marines before retirement, and cousins who are currently serving in the Air Force, Heather’s ties to the military community are both broad and deep. This familial connection infuses her practice with a level of empathy and insight that’s unparalleled.

Specialized Experience with First Responders & Military Veterans:
Heather Hester isn’t just an EMDR therapist; she has devoted significant portions of her practice to understanding and aiding the unique psychological needs of first responders and military veterans. Their distinct traumas and stressors are something she is acutely aware of, both professionally and personally.

Proven Track Record:
Clients consistently report breakthroughs, reduced symptoms, and improved overall well-being after working with Heather. Her techniques and compassionate approach have helped countless heroes find their inner peace.

Why Choose Heather Hester: The Therapist for Therapists

Peer Understanding:
As a seasoned EMDR therapist, Heather Hester understands the intricate dynamics, challenges, and pressures faced by mental health professionals. This isn’t just about therapy; it’s about deeply recognizing the emotional, ethical, and cognitive challenges that come with being in the helping professions.

Personal Resilience:
Heather’s journey and dedication to her own personal and professional growth make her a beacon for others in the field. She exemplifies resilience, continuous learning, and self-awareness, crucial traits that every mental health clinician can learn from and embody.

Professional Confidentiality:
The importance of confidentiality is magnified when providing therapy to peers. Heather offers a sanctified space, ensuring that her colleagues feel safe to express, explore, and heal without the concern of professional repercussions or judgments.

Holistic Approach:
Heather doesn’t just focus on trauma or professional burnout. She considers the whole being, understanding that the strains of the profession can impact various facets of life, from personal relationships to physical health. Her approach guarantees comprehensive care and rejuvenation.

Collaborative Care:
Recognizing the vast knowledge and experience her peers bring into the therapy room, Heather adopts a collaborative approach. This isn’t just about providing therapy; it’s about mutual growth, learning, and evolution.

Continuous Learning & Peer Feedback:

Being in the unique position of treating fellow professionals, Heather values the feedback and insights she receives. This feedback loop not only aids her clients but continually refines her practice, ensuring it remains at the pinnacle of therapeutic advancements.

Emotional Sustainability:
One of the most significant challenges for therapists and clinicians is sustaining their emotional well-being while continuously giving to others. Heather’s specialized focus on this aspect ensures that her peers can continue their vital work without emotional depletion.

In the world of mental health, professionals often prioritize the well-being of their clients, sometimes overlooking their own needs. Heather Hester stands out as the beacon for these unsung heroes. Her profound understanding of the challenges faced by therapists, combined with her specialized techniques, makes her the ideal choice for those who spend their lives aiding others. With Heather, find balance, rejuvenation, and the strength to continue the invaluable work you do. She’s not just a therapist; she’s the therapist for therapists.

Why Choose Heather Hester: The EMDR Therapist for School-Schedule Mothers?

Shared Journey:
Heather Hester isn’t just an EMDR therapist; she’s also a mother who understands the intricate dance of balancing parenthood with personal well-being. Just as you schedule your life around your child’s school hours, so does Heather, molding her work schedule around her younger son’s elementary school timings. This alignment means she inherently understands the challenges, constraints, and commitments you face.

Tailored Timings:
Recognizing the unique demands school schedules place on mothers, Heather offers session timings that coincide perfectly with school hours. This ensures you receive the care and support you need without the added stress of juggling schedules or arranging alternative child care. Heather appreciates the importance of punctuality and efficiency, especially given the constraints of a school schedule. Sessions start and end on time, ensuring you can maintain the rhythm of your day seamlessly.

Empathetic Approach:
Heather’s dual role as a therapist and a school-schedule mother gives her a heightened level of empathy. She understands the joys, pressures, and challenges that come with being a dedicated mother while also seeking personal growth and healing.

Holistic Perspective:
Beyond the realm of trauma or specific therapeutic issues, Heather recognizes the broader challenges school-schedule mothers face. Whether it’s dealing with feelings of guilt, time management struggles, or the challenges of self-care amidst parenting duties, Heather’s holistic approach ensures comprehensive care.

Every mother deserves a space to heal, grow, and find balance, especially when navigating the intricacies of a school-based schedule. Heather Hester provides that sanctuary. With her, you’re not just finding a therapist; you’re aligning with someone who walks a path strikingly similar to yours. Embrace the journey of self-improvement and healing with Heather, knowing that she truly understands your world. She’s not just a therapist; she’s the therapist for school-schedule mothers.

About Me:
Heather and her husband Chris, married for 13 years, journey through the vibrant tapestry of blended family life. Chris, a dedicated police officer, balances his duty to the community with his role as a professional magician. With three adult daughters and an energetic 6-year-old son, their family embraces the spectrum of familial experiences. In her free time, Heather plays a pivotal role in assisting Chris with his magical performances. They recently showcased their talents in an elementary school performance, amplifying awareness for Red Ribbon week. Beyond the stage, Heather finds joy in the companionship of her cat, Emory, and immerses herself in creative endeavors like painting, candle and soap making. She’s also passionate about kickboxing and delights in exploring global cuisines through her cooking. Their family story, interwoven with duty, passion, and diverse interests, resonates deeply with many.


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