I’d like to begin sharing some poems on the amazing and mysterious life of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi. For those who aren’t familiar with him, he was born Venkataraman on December 29, 1879, in Tirichuzi, India.


The Advent Of Venkataraman


Exploding out of the center of the center

of the kernel of the sun, he took on form

for everyone. A rainbow merging light

and dark, he flew into our universe

to remind us of The One, the Only

Light of our True Being, the chance

to forever free the chains of needing,

He was born to bear the love

we were born out of and still long

for, a shimmering shuddering

boy-sage in the making, in

the conveyance of his mother

for nine months until the moon

was in position and the stars

arrayed in shimmering bouquets,

and sun o sun o sun waiting

to embody He Who Is Most Bright


to shine His infinite rays on

every finite one.


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