How CompassionWorks Can Help

What we do different…

This program combines the best of modern psychology with living in the now, providing an innovative yet proven approcah to helping people get the best results from their counseling experience.

The mainstay is EMDR based psychotherapy. This involves building internal resources to strengthen a persons ability to handle even the most difficult of life’s situation and then resolving and integrating ‘trauma’ experiences that may have occurred as a one-time event or chronically over a lifetime.

‘Living in the Now’ is based on the works of Eckhart Tolle author of The Power of Now and Michael Brown, author of The Presence Process. This is all about changing your current belief system to allow you to look at your life from a place of hope and understanding.

The third leg of the treatment opportunity is providing clients with practical methods and stategies they can use on a daily basis to make their lives better. Tools such as Mindfulness, Focusing, and The Presence Process are taught and explained as it appears in the context of your life. Below, those strategies are explained in detail so you can begin using them and you are invited to ask questions, comment and share your personal observations.

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