In this episode of The Compassion Works Way, we’ll hear Jordan speak to Heather Dunn.

Heather graduated from the University of Colorado in Denver with a Master of Arts in Couples and Family Therapy in 2005. Shortly after graduation, she moved to Houston where she worked with survivors of domestic and sexual violence in a non-profit setting for 15 years. Now in private practice, she specializes in working with adults with complex trauma. Heather is a supervisor for both LPCs and LMFTs and a Fully Approved EMDR Consultant.

Heather offers group and individual consultations online.

In this episode, Heather walks us through her journey of going into private practice and the steps to take when building up your private practice, from payroll to hiring, and expanding a group practice.

You can learn more about Heather by visiting our website,, or Heather’s practice,

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