The Protocols:
I. EMDR and the Pillars of Life: Resource Installation
Can be used at the beginning of the therapy process as a diagnostic tool to assess the patient’s inner resources as well as an instrument to augment and underline the necessary resources to move on to deeper therapeutic work.
II. Dream Protocol
How to target dreams with EMDR and incorporating Cognitive Interweaves for appropriate closure to dreams.
III. Healing the Folks Who Live Inside
How to identify clients’ roles and how they interact within the client, so that EMDR can be used to treat and heal inner roles. Instead of working with difficult dissociative diagnoses, role therapy with EMDR allows most clinicians to treat their usual caseload, in addition to more serious dissociative cases..
IV. Adult Drawing Protocol
Teach an adaptation of the traditional 8-phase EMDR treatment approach using drawings, pictures and metaphorical language.
V. Heal Your Brain, Heal Your Body
Details creative clinical strategies used in the application of EMDR therapy to physical pain, surgeries, and medical interventions.

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