I Work Only with School Aged Youth

HI Jordan,
I am interested in learning EMDR, I work only with school aged youth. Does your training prepare me for this as those are the only client’s I would be able to work on my EMDR skills with after the first weekend and I understand that I have to practice with clients prior to the second weekend.


During the first weekend, the focus is on using EMDR with adults and teens.  The age of the teen would depend on their level of maturity, I suppose, like their ability to use language and carry on a conversation.  So, “school aged youth” could work.
During the second weekend we have a module on working with children and younger adolescents.
One thing is that the weekends are closer together now, so the age limitations won’t apply as much.  More importantly, I think, however, is that you can practice the EMDR protocol with colleagues, fellow trainees and friends.  So that, you’re not locked in to use it only with clients.  In this case, we see it as practicing a protocol and not doing therapy, as such.
With all that in mind, I think you’ll be fine to take the training.

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