These are notes after the Scott Kiloby Event, Jan 2011: 

I relax differently. When I drop into a notch, and see myself triggered into a fantasy, which is usually my favorite one – whatever that is – I look for peace, silence and become interested in that.

I remind myself that everybody is doing the best they can, at all times.  Why would they do otherwise?

Thoughts do not have feelings.  They blip through.  Let them do that. 

Emotions are slower, last longer.  Allow them to pass through as they are, as well. 

Remind myself by repeating what I said, as if saying it into space.  Then put the other person there and imagine the response.  Can I find the person?  If so, then…(not sure), if not then I realize that the person is a perception and the ‘problem’ vanishes.  If I’m in conflict with a perception I’m having then I’m having a conflict with myself.  I see that and it deflates.

Try this:  Imagine a duality.  Left-Right, Up-down, good-bad, near-far, etc..  Hold it for awhile.  Then let ‘it’ go.  (That is, let go of the thought creating the duality). In letting it go, I feel a change – something happens – I notice that.  Then I realize that what I created by thinking about a dualistic pair (eg. think, ‘this side’ – ‘that side’ and then let it go) was done with a ‘thought’ and that ‘what’ was aware of that change in ‘felt-sense’ in the body when I let the thought go and whatever responed to that was/is ‘awareness’.

Awareness was aware of the change in thought.  It responsed by noticing the letting go and ‘that’ noticing was sensed by the body.  (To be clear, if this makes sense then I learned this from Scott Kiloby, if not, then it’s me.)

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